How to wear a hoodie

An easier question would be how not to wear a hoodie. It’s one of the most versatile garments in anyone’s closet.

Previously relegated to gyms, football games, and hip hip videos, the hoodie has become a staple item for all kinds of people, because of its everyday versatility– and increasingly, as a fashion mainstay.

Let’s look at the various ways to wear a hoodie, along with a few ways not to wear them:

Hoodies out on the town

How about a hoodie with a blazer. It might seem like an odd juxtaposition, but somehow it works. It can be grouped with a trend called high-low fashion: the pairing of formal and casual.

The origins of this particular look are uniquely American– because of the hoodie.

Some articles trace it back to sports prep schools that produced legends like LeBron James, who then brought it into the NBA, and of course, it took off from there. I’d go with slacks or jeans– no sweatpants. Trousers? Sure.

Hoodies at work

At some point in the early ’90s, business and casual looks joined forces to become business casual. Or “biz-caj” if you want to make people’s eyes roll. Hawaiian shirt Friday was somehow involved. It seems like it’s been around longer, right? Nope.

It took off around the time that Silicon Valley’s start-up culture spread across the country. With that came the laid back look of the corporate hoodie. Thanks to Zuckerberg, the hoodie is a billionaire’s look.

If a hoodie and T-shirt is too casual for your office, go with the hoodie and dress shirt combo. That’s me in the middle.

Casual hoodie combos

Layering your hoodie under a jacket is the most popular combo– and for good reason. It’s comfortable, works to keep you warm, and works as a look. Most of the time.

Leather and denim jackets tend to look best with hoodies. Bomber jackets and varsity jackets look also look great, along with rugged work jackets, or even a wool trench coat.

It comes down to personal style and your ability to mix and match layers that make sense. Try some combos in front of a mirror– or ask a trusted (and stylish) friend.

Hoodies at home

At home, it’s a different story. At home anything goes. And anyone who owns a hoodie already knows this: they make a fantastic pajama top. There’s nothing more comfortable at home than a hoodie with pajama pants.

Get this woman some fuzzy socks.

If you don’t have a hoodie, at least for this, you’re totally missing out. Go with a heavyweight fleece pullover and some flannel PJ’s, and you’ll be the walking definition of comfy.

Add a cup of hot cocoa, Netflix and some fuzzy socks and you’ll never want to leave the house again. 

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